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#FMTrends: Asap Rocky joins Mary J. Blige on Love Yourself

#FMTrends: Asap Rocky joins Mary J. Blige on Love Yourself

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Mary J. Blige feat. ASAP Rocky Love Yourself


Mary J. Blige is back at it again, joined by ASAP Rocky on her latest single Love Yourself off her most recent album Strength of a Woman debuted…

April of this year. With news of her recent very public divorce, Mary J. Blige is fighting to get her life back, what better time to create an album! Infamous for her breakup tracks, this time around there seems to be a more compelling version of Mary some of us may not be used to. No time to play the victim Mary J. Blige is going straight for the source of her pain, Love Yourself the single may just be the remedy for that pain. Have you ever had a break up that made you question yourself or even the core values that allowed you to be you? It happens to us all, that is actually why Mary J. Blige music is relatable to most people. Mary J. Blige has always been able to point out how being vulnerable to love can be damaging, truth is that damage is ten times worse if in fact you don’t Love Yourself first

. Although the original version of the track featured Kanye West, ASAP Rocky’s verse gave the song a more diverse edge, with the type of appeal that gives you grimy Mary vs broken Mary. Creating music depicting her of her life but no longer from the standpoint of the victim, this version is unbreakable, unshaken and far from ashamed. Live in your truth, Love Yourself and hold yourself accountable for when people take advantage of you, how else could you count the loss as a lesson if you did it any other way? ” It’s been a long ride but I made it here with love…,said I been up and down and I’ve been through it all. It took a while to know my heart”-Love Yourself

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Khadira Savage

June 4th, 2017

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