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#CherryJuice: Jay-Z 4:44 Footnotes: Love and Marriage

#CherryJuice: Jay-Z 4:44 Footnotes: Love and Marriage


  Jay-Z 4:44 Footnotes: Love and Marriage

The self-titled track 4:44  has Jay-Z laying it all out on the table with talks about the difficulties of love and marriage. Tidal released the visual footnotes for the song 4:44 earlier this week.

The footnotes to 4:44  are very insightful, a host of male celebrities are featured giving their take on relationships and marriage.  Knowing that other men share similar thoughts on relationships is a big deal.  Jay-Z speaks on when he realized he fell in love with Beyonce, reminiscing on that moment Jay says they were at a boat party and after hearing she was leaving he found himself asking her to stay. Shocked by the feeling of love and wanting to have someone stay around was a new feeling.

Infidelity is a huge topic on the 4:44 footnotes and on the song Jay-Z expresses his regrets for his cheating which it takes a lot to do. Being a male in a relationship sometimes can be difficult depending on how you were brought up  and what your foundation was as a child into adulthood. Being told if you’re too affectionate with your woman you were soft, or that if you were not cheating you’re not a man; this type of bad advice just leads to neglected females or infidelity issue.



Maturity plays a huge role in relationships/marriage, when you decide to get in a relationship/marriage you have to be ready to let go of immature things like your ego, selfishness, and insecurities that’s the only way to at least attempt to have a successful relationship. A  quote from the footnotes that stuck out to me was “you don’t know who you are until you get married “ it stuck out to me because it was so real , once you get married the biggest test is letting go of being solely you and committing to being completely us.


4:44 has us all wanting to right our wrongs and push for that glow up.



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July 14th, 2017

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