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#FMTrends: Jeezy and Puff Daddy Show Us “Bottles Up” In New Video [Link]

#FMTrends: Jeezy and Puff Daddy Show Us “Bottles Up” In New Video [Link]

Photo Credit: VEVO/YouTube

Jeezy and Puff Daddy Show Us “Bottles Up” In New Video

Happy Holidays FM Trendsetters! Hope everyone enjoying this wonderful season.  While everyone is enjoying the festivities and eggnog,  our favorite trapper Jeezy released a new video for his epic collaboration with Bad Boy Puff Daddy called “Bottles Up” on VEVO.  The very lavish video was premiered over the weekend.

Photo Credit: VEVO/YouTube

This video has all the elements of what a Jeezy video with Puff Daddy would include:

  1. Ciroc Bottles
  2. DeLeon Tequila Bottles
  3. Puff Daddy’s inspirational adlibs
  4. Avion liquor
  5. A whole lot of soft branding and advertising.
  6. Money in the air.
  7. Money stacks.
  8. Money and jewels.
  9. Did we mention money?

Minus the usual adlibs of a classic Jeezy track (“That’s Right!” in my TM101 Young Jeezy voice). Even the hook is immortalized in this video.  Cars, girls, parties, and liquor.  Definitely a good mixture for a recipe of greatness.  Not to mention to build up the tenacity and drive of those who strive to get what they want in life. Especially from using the credentials that they possess.  So basically DJ Khaled would have been perfect for this video as well!


Photo Credit: VEVO/YouTube


The video starts out with, of course, money in the air, looking like New Year’s Eve.  Fast forward both moguls are rapping from the back of a luxury car.  They end up on a yacht.  Then in front of a bodega. (That is a “corner store” for the non-New York readers.)  The whole video, mixed with the music, gives you the same vibe of a Big Tymers (Cash Money’s Manny Fresh and Stunner better known as Baby) video.  Just the 2017 version.  All white Rolls Royce Ghost and matching Bentley makes a stunning feature in the video.  This video makes the average person want to “boss up”, “level up” or just get to the next level in whatever they do.


[Click Here to watch the new “Bottles Up” Video by Jeezy featuring Puff Daddy]




Source:  VEVO/YouTube


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December 13th, 2017

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