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#FMTrends: Noreaga Solidifies his spot in Hip Hop with 5E

#FMTrends: Noreaga Solidifies his spot in Hip Hop with 5E



Noreaga Solidifies his spot in Hip Hop with 5E

IDK about you but I can never rush an album review! This one was definitely worth the wait! 5E  is a reflection of Noreaga giving a backstory to struggles many people never knew he ever endured; plainly because he endured it all with a smile on his face. Those type of genuine people is rare to come by in this revolving door of the Hip -Hop industry. Noreaga understands the gift of his craft and for a while has been teaching us through his words that what you endure shouldn’t affect how hard you work to get whats yours; even a Kid from Lafack City from apartment 5E can survive!  The endurance of pain is a skillset, Manifesting it into Love and Light to share it with others is a blessing! People tend to rush to label every new release a classic without justification. I made sure I took my time with this one as a fellow 5th Floor resident so that classifying 5E as a Classic is justified!


The 5E album is Noreaga’s first music project in five years and was released on Nas’ Mass Appeal Records. Many of us have felt connected to Noreaga through the vibes he has fed us since the WarReport that same raw energy has manifested into multiple platforms for Nore to share his energy. A Master storyteller Noreaga has held the crown as Podcast Papi and I doubt anyone will match the energy of his legendary Drink Champs Podcast. Noreaga is a major factor in making sure that the true foundation of Hip- Hop remains in tacked as this “rainbow” shift in Hip- Hop takes place.


Level spelled backward spells Level”

In the past 20 Years, Noreaga has made us fall in love with his energy over and over again and has been consistent in being able to find a lane in Hip-Hop no matter how many twists and turns came through and changed the face of what most of us know as Hip-Hop.  Not only has Noreaga effortlessly been able to maintain his relevancy, he was able to cross multiple genres successfully and it looks like he’s just getting started!

Here are a few Highlights from the 5E  Album which has features from Fat Joe, Wyclef Jean, Jadakiss, Tory Lanez, Fabolous, Pharrell, and The-Dream.

In the Beginning
People always take for granted how important it is to just keep it authentic. There is an honor in your word, there was a time when loyalty actually meant something. Your word was your bond! Deceit is full of lessons it all depends on how you look at it when you remain consistent from The Beginning no one will ever have to question your word. Through your word, you create a relationship with your people; we can trust your word.- In the Beginning

In the Beginning

“First Pusha dropped an album

The Ye dropped an album

And Nas and Jay the same day dropped an album

Teyana dropped one, then Drake dropped one

And this is my addition, 5E, the summer’s done


I’ve been lonely”

Let Me Be Great Feat. Yung Reallie

No matter what level you are there is always someone trying to deflect their own fears onto you because they could never pull off what you are trying to accomplish they could never fathom the idea of YOU a person from the bottom just like them, how can you push through the barrier? Truth is the barrier is fake, and until you understand your own greatness anything that threatens beyond what you were taught you will challenge. In doing so you challenge your own greatness. -Let Me Be Great


Let Me Be Great Feat. Yung Reallie

“Just let me be great, let me be great

Move out my way, move out my way

Let me be great, let me be great

Can you relate, can you relate”

She’s Mine Feat. Tory Lanes

The SuperThug in Love! Hip Hop Culture has confused so many people with what an idealistic relationship should look like. Noreaga has no shame in letting the world know “She’s Mine, She’s Mine, She’s Mine, She’s Mine, She’s Mine!” In Nore’s World it’s not cliche’ to have your rib by your side, after all, where else would you rather your rib be? No need to keep up false facades for the masses. Having your better half truly be in your corner has been a proven method to success. Sometimes you have to go through a few bozo’s before you find your match!- She’s Mine

She’s Mine Feat. Tory Lanes

“I brought my sand with me ’cause my sand from a better beach

They legalized bud and that’s in Canada

I’ma have my lady with me like my manager

We gon’ lock it all down, lock the perimeter

You can’t measure this love without diameter”


Parade Feat. Kent Jones and Yung Reallie

Being Humble doesn’t mean you shouldnt celebrate your greatness! With 20 Successful years under your belt, you deserve a parade!! A lot of times your genius has been beyond your time, 10 years ago Noreaga introduced Hip Hop to Reggaeton. Intertwining the Hip Hop Culture with the Latin Culture. Instead of complaining about what other people wouldn’t do he risked his career to cross genres creating the Hip Hop Reggaeton crossover. Doing what he felt was necessary despite being told he could lose it all; he did it anyway! Nore’s hit entitled Oye Mi Canto which featured Reggaeton artists Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Gem Star, Big Mato, and Nina Sky sparked a major shift in Hip Hop which is currently gaining speed as we speak! Noreaga holds the title for having the biggest Reggeaton record of his time! Helping bring Reggaeton into mainstream Hip Hop. – Parade

Parade Feat. Kent Jones and Yung Reallie

“Yo, do you miss me?

You know I hope you do

I was destined to make it

I know I’m overdue

 I’m jumping over you

Talking but no, so have you


 I feel right at home

They want with some Gucci and my hoodie down

Cause I’ve been running wild at least 20 now

And I would never think this when I’m selling weed

2017, feel like 1998

I knew this was it, soon as I heard it

This my parade and I deserve it”

If all of this doesn’t give you a reason to check out 5E then I suggest you check it out for yourself!

You gotta Relax!!

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Khadira Savage

August 3rd, 2018

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