#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Andre 3000 Might be Making a Comeback!

#CherryJuice: Andre 3000 Might be Making a Comeback!


Andre Wass Good?

Andre 3000 has been taking a long break from music but in a recent interview, he hinted at maybe doing a solo album. As you all know it’s been a while since Outkast has been together as a group. So, for Andre to hint at an album, it a huge surprise. Fader.com says that Andre is ready to drop this last album even if he lost his juice for music!

Andre is torn in between making this album or not. Due to music changing every day, Andre doesn’t know if he will fit right in or fall right in between the cracks of the music industry. Being a fan of Andre’s I do think he is AMAZING when it comes to music. So, when he shows his doubt to make this album I just can’t understand why!


“I don’t have the pulse anymore,” he said. “Rhythms change every generation. The intensity and the drums change. And I’m not on the pulse. I can’t pretend. It’s kinda like watching your uncle dance. So the only thing I can do is this kind of novelty, off thing for them.”

“I’m slowing down, and I see these young kids coming up and I was them. And at a certain point, no matter how Mayweather you are, I think it’s classy to be like, You know what? [brushes off hands]. I think I have, like, maybe two more Mayweather fights.”

Come on Andre give us one more album and we will promise to leave you alone!



November 2nd, 2017

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