Justin Love

Justin Love

It’s a rare occurrence. But every now and then a young artist sprouts up, who possesses the talent, creative
direction and vision that challenges the norm and shows shades of everything in world music. Justin Love is that young artist.

This 19-year old is more than just a triple-threat package. A self-taught singer, songwriter and producer, who began maneuvering around music at a young age. He started singing when he was 4, began writing songs when he was 10, began
producing when was 12 and started engineering his own music when he was 16.

As a producer he shows shades of those he look up to, and a majority of the songs he writes is solely produced by him. His voice is soothing, but yet powerful and soulful. And to think that he did this without a vocal coach, just shows how high his ceiling is. Then there’s the power of his lyrics. Justin doesn’t simply pen songs out; he paints emotional pictures. He welcomes people into his world, and is not scared to be vulnerable. In “You Are The Moon,” a song about consoling his girlfriend, he sings “Turn that puddle into a sea of love.”

It’s not every day that a talent like this comes along, but when they do, they usually make an impact that everyone appreciates. The Justin Love era starts now.

Watch Justin Love ft. P. Dice – Off Wit Tha Lights



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