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#FMTrends: Belly Releases “Mumble Rap” Music Video [Link]

#FMTrends: Belly Releases “Mumble Rap” Music Video [Link]

Photo Credit: Youtube

Belly Releases “Mumble Rap” Music Video

If your fly, I’m turbulence“, claims Roc Nation artist Belly in his new music video for “Mumble Rap” just released over the weekend.  This one line was just one of many bars and punch lines, that deal with money, drugs, life, women, and being on top of the game.  What any good rapper would basically spit about.  The video concept is as deranged and strange as the track itself.  On first look , you probably would not get the concept of the video,  but you will definitely appreciate the choreography.  There is more of a story line, as well as dancing.  Something missed from most rap videos to this day. Kudos to the creative mind of the director,  Karena Evans.


Photo Credit: Youtube


Video starts off with Belly dressed fashionably, spitting bars automatically, with a bat in hand.  He is surrounded by his squadron of gas masked minions, who carry weapons of different kinds.  I love the minions. They bop their heads to the beat and give off a militant and sequential dance moves that compliment the wave of the music video.  A lot of emphasis on the minions I noticed.  The video seems apocalyptic, like its the end of the world.  A lot of anarchy symbols on old destroyed brick walls, and barrels of fire.  Guest appearances by Latin emcee Bodega Bamz (Sidewalk Exec) and SlowBucks fashion clothing CEO Winslow “Slow” Lubin (my fellow Van Buren High School alumni).  The funniest thing about the video, is that you can tell Belly had fun with this video.  From dancing to smiling a like, even through his venomous lyrics and raw satire.

Definitely a very raw, funny and entertaining video.  If you never knew who Belly was, or never heard his music,  this video would be him in definition.



[Click Here To See Belly’s “Mumble Rap” Music Video]



Source:  YouTube



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October 10th, 2017

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