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#FMSpotlight: Booman Forever – “Bad Bleep”

#FMSpotlight: Booman Forever – “Bad Bleep”

#FMSpotlight: Booman Forever - "Bad Bleep" | FMhipHop.com

Booman Forever Preps For Debut Project Booman TV

Booman Forever (@we_loveyou_Boom) is creating a cult following in Chicago. He is making his way to the forefront with debut single “Bad Bleep.” Playing off of women calling themselves “Bad Bitch,” Booman flips the term and eliminates the slander.


From the catchy double meaning of the hook to the storytelling of the song, Booman paints a picture of his perception while making the song personal.

His admiration of women is personified in this single and will catch buzz not only amongst his fans but will create new ones who want to be apart of the Booman Forever movement.

Walford Guillaume | IG@wallywall$treet | Twitter@wallywall$treet


Walford Guillaume

January 28th, 2019

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