#FM Artist Spotlight

#FMSpotlight: Booman Forever – “Check In the Mail”

#FMSpotlight: Booman Forever – “Check In the Mail”

#FMSpotlight: Booman Forever - "Check In the Mail"

 Booman Forever Comes Back with New Single

Booman Forever’s latest release and will be followed up with a theatrical visual that is going to solidify his artistry. He manages to kill every track including new single “Check in the Mail.” The upbeat club banger creates the perfect escape to get into a great vibe.

From the catchy chant throughout the song, this single has the perfect tempo to lift up the energy. He’s creating his own lane with his new sound, a fresh face and unique authenticity to a new generation of music.

Let us know what you think by commenting below. Is this a smash or should we just pass???

Walford Guillaume | IG @wallywall$treet | Twitter @wallywall$treet

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Walford Guillaume

February 4th, 2019

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