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#FMSportsTalk With The Sanchez Show: Bron’s Plan

#FMSportsTalk With The Sanchez Show: Bron’s Plan


FMSportsTalk With The Sanchez Show: Bron’s Plan

After the Game 2 blowout, two things were apparent. First, The Warriors will win their 3rd championship in 4 years, all against the Cavs and LeBron James. Second,  James’ masterplan to rack up NBA championships has completely backfired on him.

The “Decision” of 2010 has been covered from every angle. Ultimately, ‘Bron made the decision for a chance at history. We all knew early in his career, LeBron would be special, but would he win enough to get mentioned with the greats.

Joining forces with other elite players almost guaranteed ‘Bron would play for a championship every season. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work as planned. The overall success of the Miami Heat from 2010-2014 is debatable. They did win back-to-back championships, but those titles were bookended by disappointing losses in the Finals to the Mavericks and Spurs.

When he returned to Cleveland in 2014 it was portrayed as a homecoming. No one wanted to admit Wade was getting old and injury prone. The Heat front office wasn’t going to let LeBron dictate the direction of their franchise, either.

The Cavs would let him dictate theirs, though. A young, rebuilding team became an immediate contender with ‘Bron’s announcement to go back home and team up with Kyrie Irving. Shortly after, Kevin Love was added. The 2016 championship ended Cleveland’s 52-year championship drought. But, his “Decision” caused a ripple effect that has stopped him from more championships

Summer of 2010 also encouraged other players to take their careers into their own hands, treating Free Agency the same way a 16-year old chooses an AAU team. Find a team that’s really good, join them and kill every other team! That’s exactly what KD did in 2016

As much as people may try to make the narrative about the lack of help LeBron is receiving from his teammates, it really should be about LeBron’s own plan backfiring. Durant may never have considered joining Golden State, if LeBron wasn’t himself looking to team up with other All-Stars. We may never have seen this version of the Warriors together, and maybe ‘Bron might have more than 3 rings, instead of preparing for his 6th Finals loss.


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Eric Sanchez

June 7th, 2018

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