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#FMTrends: Bryson Tiller & Jazmine Sullivan “Insecure” Video

#FMTrends: Bryson Tiller & Jazmine Sullivan “Insecure” Video



Bryson Tiller & Jazmine Sullivan “Insecure” Video


Based on the hit HBO series Insecure, Bryson Tiller and Jazmine Sullivan sang to each other on the featured soundtrack single Insecure.


Insecure is a hit show that was started by Issa Rae; whom is actually the main cast member of the show. Insecure is based on a couple who have reached the breaking point in the relationship. They try steps to making the relationship work but when Issa decided to cheat on Lawrence, he then decided to leave was the right decision for him. Meanwhile, in season 2 the two just can’t seem to get it right while they are out in the dating pool. The both of them miss each other but neither one of them have the courage to look each other in the eye and face the reality of why they ended up in this situation!

In the video for Insecure, Jazmine is singing to mate about how his overbearing love is beginning to push her to edge.

Gotta’ lot on my mind
I’m thinking I’m needing a break to clear up the clutter, damn man
Can I get a minute get some space, man
You been through my head, playing games man
You be way too controlling


Then Bryson Tiller response and lets her know why his love for her is so strong and why he does what he does when he is away!

Work got me in and out of state
Don’t know what you’re doing, wonder what you’re doing
You got niggas in you’re face, I’ll never let you go to waste
You’re my treasure, baby, not my trash
Thirsty bout to make a nigga spaz
Why I treat you like a trophy, control freak

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October 8th, 2017

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