#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Cardi B Billboard Smash Making Hip Hop HISTORY!

#CherryJuice: Cardi B Billboard Smash Making Hip Hop HISTORY!


 Cardi B Billboard Smash Making Hip Hop HISTORY!

From the stripper pole all the way up to the Billboard top 100 charts. Cardi B has definitely proved to all the haters that you can do anything you put your mind too. From the moment she put out “Bodak Yellow” we all knew it was a hit. The way America reacted to it just shows the music industry & other female rappers that Cardi B is claiming her place in the hip-hop industry. Not to take away from any other female emcee but Cardi B gives hip-hop that thing we’ve been missing; that zero FUCKS given, raw, no filter vibe that Lil Kim & Foxxy gave back in the day. Now we have Cardi B who isn’t afraid to be herself and she doesn’t hold back either when she is asked about her past. If you didn’t know Cardi B was a stripper for quite some time until she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York. While on the show she worked closely with DJ Self and even though she didn’t end up being the first lady of GWINN Entertainment, she still soaked up all the advice DJ Self shared with her and went in the booth and gave us her first track “Foreva”.


According to BillBoard.com Cardi B is the first female rapper to make it up the Billboard 100 charts without any features. The last female rapper who did that was Lauryn Hill, back in 1993 with her hit single “Doo Wop (That Thing)”. So, it is safe to say that Cardi B just made hip-hop HISTORY!


I am so proud of Cardi because I am from the Bronx as well. As being a New Yorker you always hear; “If you could make it here, you can make it anywhere.” In Cardi B’s defense, that statement is so true. This young woman didn’t listen to the haters or let a man stop her from being the best version of herself. Women all over can learn a thing or two from Cardi and NO she might not be Michelle Obama or Oprah but her story is enough to make you feel inspired!






September 29th, 2017

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