#Cherry Juice

#Cherry Juice: Dave East Calls “Old Town Road” Whack

#Cherry Juice: Dave East Calls “Old Town Road” Whack

Social Media Goes Crazy after Dave East Trashes Lil Nas X

Social media was set ablaze when Dave East called Lil Nas X whack. He didn’t favor the song “Old Town Road.” The song sent the word in a frenzy after Country Music charts refused to acknowledge it as a country song. It would later chart high on both country and hip hop charts as well as on the Hot 100.  Lil Nas X would later put Bill Ray Cyrus on the remix. Dave East calling the song whack began a social media frenzy. Many were in support of the song due to its popularity. Others called Dave East a hater and irrelevant for offering his opinion.

Old Town Road: Billboard vs. Real Life

Every year, we have a song that dominates the year. Last year, it was Sicko Mode and Mo Bamba. Sicko Mode was made by Travis Scott, who has hits upon hits. Mo Bamba was made by Sheck Wes, who might be just a one hit wonder. Lil Nas X might be more like Sheck Wes than Travis Scott. Dave East doesn’t live on Billboard, but that doesn’t make him irrelevant. He had hits with Chris Brown on “Perfect”, Wiz Khalifa on ” Phone Jumpin,”  and Jeezy on “Paranoia”. On Keeping It Blunt( only seen on FMHipHop on Instagram at 8PM Thursday), I stated that Dave East is wildly under appreciated. He has all the tools to be a phenomenal rapper in this industry. I believe he is just scratching the surface. It is ironic he called Lil Nas X whack because East is signed to the legendary Nas on his Mass Appeal Records label. Old Town Road is catchy but I’m waiting to see if Lil Nas X can do it again.


Sources: Paper Magazine/YouTube

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April 23rd, 2019

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