#Cherry Juice

#Cherry Juice: Are the Door’s of Young Money Closing?

#Cherry Juice: Are the Door’s of Young Money Closing?


Young Money shutting down.

The Young Money, Cash Money drama just won’t stop. The latest jab was a big one Weezy the YM boss decided the best thing he could do was have his YM label shut down as a legal tactic. Lil Wayne still has an ongoing $51 million dollar lawsuit against Baby and Cash Money. “Part of Wayne’s new petition is for the judge to appoint a receiver to supervise the operations of Young Money Label joint venture or order the termination of Young Money Label joint venture and appoint a  liquidator”. Of course, Birdman wouldn’t just accept that his rebuttal was that his son as he affectionately still calls Wayne has no right to shut down the YM Label, while the Label still has artist under contract. The Young Money Label has two major names signed to them that being Drake and Nicki Minaj.






In the original suit, Wayne expresses how Cash Money owes’s not only him but his Young Money artist royalties. Tunechi states that Baby and Cash Money mismanaged Young Money and didn’t pay people and never disclosed profits. Before things went so sour YM artist had already begun to drop like flies, Tyga, Jae Millz, and Lil Twist took off only really leaving loyalist Nicki and Drake. If Wayne’s legal petition goes through YM’S top two stars will be free agents. Losing Nicki Minaj and Drake can be a huge financial loss, one would hope things would get better before a loss was taken. We could see Wayne’s point why make my artist suffer like I’m suffering when I can let them go on and find better. This situation also makes Birdman continue to look like the bad guy everyone says’s he is. An artist that put in work and grind hard should get everything they deserve. In the words of Rick Ross pay that man.



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October 28th, 2017

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