#Cherry Juice

#Cherry Juice: Joe Budden Claps Back at The Game

#Cherry Juice: Joe Budden Claps Back at The Game

Joe Budden Checks The Game for Remarks About Cyn Santana

The Game has a record coming out. On this record, he speaks on past sexual experiences with women(allegedly). Two of the women addressed on the record were Cyn Santana and Kim Kardashian. He claims to have smashed both Kim and Cyn. Joe Budden addressed The Game on his podcast last week. Game would respond on Instagram by stating he discovered Cyn and turned Joe Budden into an on-air personality.

The Game is Too Talented for This!

Prez finds The Game’s bragging on his pipe history to be corny. Biggie and Nicki Minaj dropped “Dreams” and “Barbie Dreams”, which were records that playfully spoke on sex with celebrities. The Game is dropping a record that makes him look like an attention seeker. The Game can drop music without clout chasing. Women find him attractive. Corporations used to find him marketable and could still do. He has made music for the streets and for the radio. A record bragging on your sexual conquests is super corny and The Game is better than that.

What’s Next?

Joe Budden said he got the podcast to address all rappers he may got an issue with. The Game is still talking on how on the status of Hip Hop has changed. I think all this over a record is insane. Joe Budden is supposed to defend his soon to be wife’s honor. Being the guy that had the girl before her current guy is just whack. Ray J looked lame for doing the ” I Hit It First” record. The Game is definitely better than that.

Link Below for Joe Budden Addressing The Game on his Podcast



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February 7th, 2019

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