#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Lyor Cohen appears on Breakfast Club,Dame Dash responds.

#CherryJuice: Lyor Cohen appears on Breakfast Club,Dame Dash responds.

Old Foes in Beef? Dame Dash and Cohen Exchange Words

Lyor Cohen, a music executive and the Global Head of Music at YouTube, appeared on the Breakfast Club recently. He was asked about his 30+ years in the music industry, where he spoke about nearly signing Drake and the early years of Def Jam. Charlamagne asked him about Dame Dash claiming that Cohen had a hand in the break up of Roc-A-Fella, where he responded with a “Who is Dame Dash?”



Dame Dash Claps Back! Calls Cohen “a culture vulture”

Dame Dash came back at Cohen immediately. He called into The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal tore into Cohen. Dash stated that he wanted all the smoke and that Cohen exploits the culture. He went in further by saying that Cohen isn’t accepted by his Culture and that YouTube profits from “Rap Beef.” Dash requested a sit down with Cohen and has appeared in a video with an artist, who was signed to Cohen’s 300 Entertainment. In the video, the artist named Tate Kobang calls out Cohen for holding him back in his record deal.



CEO Beef!!!

Dash was featured in a book called “Culture Vultures” by Kenyatta Griggs. He spoke about Cohen creating 360 deals in the music business. In a 360 deal, the label gets a percentage on everything an artist does  such as shows and merchandizing. Cohen also has been accused by Dash and others for breaking up Roc-A- Fella Records. Cohen in his Breakfast Club interview dismissed Dash and he alluded to being a Culture Vulture when he said he’ll sign artists with drug problems because he has to take care of his family. No word yet on if the 2 will debate, but it was a great week for C.E.O beef.



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August 12th, 2018

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