#Cherry Juice

#Cherry Juice: Meek Mill Sends Shots at Ex’s New Piece in Snippet

#Cherry Juice: Meek Mill Sends Shots at Ex’s New Piece in Snippet

Is Meek Sending Shots at Nicki in New Song?

First, Let us shout out A&R Harden for playing this clip. Second, Meek Mill being vulnerable while discussing his ex and still being petty at the same time is amazing.  In the snippet provided by the NBA MVP, Meek voices his displeasure with Nicki’s new man allegedly.

“This s*it beyond me, you were supposed to be my Beyoncé /Now you this ni**a fiancée?

“F*ck you mean you feel a connection?/ He listen to you, what/ This ni**a wear Balenciaga with boot-cut jeans”

“What the f*ck you losing your mind?/ Ayo, call my f*ucking phone back, yo”

“Everytime you post this ni**a wanna smoke this ni**a/We just broke up last year, how you know this ni**a?”

       “You was cheating on me or sleeping on me?”

“Man, f*ck all that/ You with this bum-a** ni**a, he ain’t up like that/ Real ni**a  a weirdo, he ain’t up like that”

” Twelve rounds in that p***y, he don’t f*ck like that”



Meek Denies He Took Shots at Nicki

Meek went to Twitter to deny the snippet was about Nicki Minaj and her new man Petty. The Philly rapper stated on Twitter that he is on his 6th girl in 2 years and we have to hear the whole song first. I love the damage control, but we all believe he is taking shots at Nicki Minaj. The whole you were supposed to be my Beyoncé line alludes to it being about Nicki. My favorite line is definitely the boot cut jeans with the Balenciaga’s.  We all thought Almost Slipped on “Championships” was about Nicki Minaj, but this seems to be more direct.

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March 10th, 2019

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