#Cherry Juice

#Cherry Juice: Meek Mill vs. Micheal Rapaport

#Cherry Juice: Meek Mill vs. Micheal Rapaport

Michael Rapaport Calls Meek Mill Out

Disgruntled Knicks fan( I know the feeling), podcaster and actor Michael Rapaport aired Meek Mill out over All-Star Weekend. Meek Mill was performing during the All-Star introductions. Rapaport would tweet ” Meek Mill, great story. Great Look. Trash rapper Sorry.” He would later release another series of tweets aimed at Meek including calling Meek Not top 20 in Philly and Meek losing the beef to Drake.

Meek Mill Responds.

Meek Mill responded the following evening via Twitter. Meek would release a series of tweets. One tweet featured a selfie of  Rapaport and Meek Mill at an NBA game. Another one would question Rapaport’s status as a critic of the culture. I think Rapaport was a little off on his critique of Meek. Judging Meek off his performance at The All-Star Game is insane. Meek was on stage for about 10 minutes. He did 3 verses. Rapaport calling Meek not top 20 in his city was silly. Meek is easily top 5/10 in Philadelphia.

Rapaport Takes It Back.

Michael Rapaport went on Sway In The Morning last week. He said calling Meek trash was a poor word to use. Rapaport admitted that he is harsh with his hip hop opinions. He also came at bloggers and culture critics. It is good to see him owning up to something stupid he said. Often, the wrath of social media doesn’t let that go. Someone probably played Championships around him. Rapaport is also media and is a big fan and ally of hip hop. Every now and then, we get caught out there. A bad interview from your favorite artist might get their whole discography deleted.




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February 24th, 2019

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