#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Miami Rap veterans School Meek Mill on the history of the MIA

#CherryJuice: Miami Rap veterans School Meek Mill on the history of the MIA

        Miami rap veterans school Meek Mill

Miami Rap veterans School Meek Mill on the history of the MIA

Meek Mill has been riding high since his new album Wins and Losses dropped ,while doing press for his album earlier this week he said somethings to upset a few Miami Rap veterans. Meek Mill spoke about how him and the Dreamchaser’s were an influence to the young Miami scene by showing off on Instagram on dirt bikes, yachts and wearing Cuban links and that now young people in Miami are following the trend he was setting. As innocent as that may sound to someone who’s not from Miami, it wasn’t so innocent to the O.G’s  of Miami.


Miami Rap veterans school Meek Mill


The first to vent their frustration was Trick Daddy. Trick took it to Instagram angrily letting Meek know how he felt. Trick Daddy Dollars expressed how “Miami wasn’t no Mini me’s or followers they were trendsetters and cocaine cowboys”. He had a few other words but the ones that may have stung was him telling Meek that “Ever since you lost your girl you been tripping” followed by  “you better watch your mouth your Visa has expired” That Visa has expired line was meant to be taken as a ban on Meek from Miami. Meek Mill never one to hide when on Instagram and promoted how he would be attending a club in Miami shortly after; a subtle shot at Trick.


Miami rap veterans school Meek Mill


Uncle Luke the Miami Legend stepped in and unlike Trick Daddy calmly explained to Meek the history of MIA. Luke said “I‘m the first to put jet skis in a video I own, First to put a Yacht in a video I own, first to own a jet, First to put car’s in a video ,First to put Girls on the beach in a video. I will stop here you get the point ,love your music but if you need a history lesson on Miami hit me up”. No threats just a quick lesson. This isn’t the first time Uncle Luke had to step in and rep his city awhile back he put Lil Wayne ,Drake and even Miami’s own DJ Khaled in their place for not respecting the MIA.


Meek Mill sets off Trick Daddy (Video)



Who is the history lesson Mr #meekmill

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July 31st, 2017

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