#Cherry Juice

#Cherry Juice: NYPD Commander Allegedly Puts a Hit on 50 Cent.

#Cherry Juice: NYPD Commander Allegedly Puts a Hit on 50 Cent.

50 Cent Fears for His Safety and Might Sue NYPD.

The NYPD is investigating the alleged threat made against 50. According to The New York Daily News, Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez made told officers to shoot the rapper on sight. He is the commander of the 72nd precinct in Brooklyn.  The incident wasn’t recorded and Gonzalez tried to play it off as a joke. 50 Cent responded via Social Media and threatened to take legal action.

Gonzalez and 50 Cent Have History

Emmanuel Gonzalez had a hand in getting the Club LUST to shut down. Multiple raids at the club led to 50 Cent and Gonzalez to be at odds. 50 is friends with the club owner (Imran Jairam). The NYPD investigated 50 for saying he would “get the strap” on social media after the was shut down. 50 claims to use as a catchphrase. Other artists have claimed that Gonzalez had a vendetta against the owner. He stated that Gonzalez asked for seats on a private jet to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. When he couldn’t comply the raids started.

Should 50 Cent Sue the NYPD?

I think 50 Cent should definitely sue the New York Police Department. Law enforcement should never put a bounty on a citizen.  50 Cent is a public figure and sees more police than the average person. It is a real sensitive time with the black community and police. Many unarmed black citizens have been murdered by police officers. 50 should sue because I wouldn’t be able to trust the police with anything. He is also a victim of gun violence, which would make the rapper more at unease.


PIX11 News report on Emmanuel Gonzalez:https://youtu.be/00KN6fdQmFY

Club Lust Interview with the Breakfast Club:https://youtu.be/h_iIuPSHI5E

Sources: CNN.com/New York Daily News/PIX11 News

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February 27th, 2019

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