#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: From Diddy to Brother Love  and right back to Diddy

#CherryJuice: From Diddy to Brother Love and right back to Diddy


Diddy to Brother Love back to Diddy

This past weekend Diddy celebrated his 48th Birthday, and regular Puff Daddy fashion he did it big. One thing that stuck out for his birthday was his decision to change his name, this isn’t unusual for Puff he does it all the time but this time it was a big difference from his usual monikers. Diddy wanted to be called Love A.K.A Brother Love he announced the name change in a video on social media sites.He said he prayed on it and thought it could come across risky maybe even corny but he had to do it because he was in a different place then he was before, he went on to say he would no longer answer to any of his former monikers.

Watch Diddy announce his name change (Video)



The video came across as a P.S.A making sure everyone understood what he was saying. The first time Puffy changed his name and made a big deal about it was back in 2001 he went from Puff Daddy to P.Diddy after he was acquitted of the charges of the nightclub shootout he even proposed having a name change ceremony P.Diddy was a name The Late Great B.I.G gave him. Then in 2005, he dropped the P off Diddy. Over the years the name changes didn’t stop he would drop one pick it back up, go by his government name and keep moving. When he made the announcement of the name change to Love twitter fans went crazy, some thought it was corny, some felt bored with yet another name change. WWE fans took exception mostly to the fact that he chooses the name Brother Love which was a WWE gimmick back in the late 80’s, Bruce Prichard who used the gimmick in WWE even tweeted about Diddy’s name change and told him it had been done already.After all the hoopla and twitter comments Diddy made another video saying it was a joke and he will still go by his other Monikers. I predict another name change in the future though.

Watch Love announce that he’s back to Diddy(video)

Sources: Instagram, Complex

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November 7th, 2017

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