#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Battle of the Beatz Swizzbeatz vs Timbo

#CherryJuice: Battle of the Beatz Swizzbeatz vs Timbo

#CherryJuice: Battle of the Beatz Swizzbeatz vs Timbo

Battle of the Beatz Swizzbeatz vs Timbo

Instagram has been going nuts ever since Swizzbeatz publicly called out Super Producer Timbaland during the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Press Conference. Challenging him to a battle of the beatz which would be the second battle for Swizz who in February slayed Just Blaze in a heated Instagram Live battle. “Timbaland want to talk shit too, so everyone out there tell Timbaland we can have a battle we can do whatever he want to do”.


#CherryJuice: Battle of the Beatz Swizzbeatz vs Timbo

Timbaland responded with his “Game of Thrones” theme music saying “Swizz you have woken up Timbo Snow” referring to himself as Jon Snow. ” Challenge accepted! I’m with the smoke. That’s right you hear that Game of Thrones. You have woken up the King!”

This up and coming battle between Swizz and Timbaland has become such a big deal Singer/Actor Tyrese has announced that he wants in on the battle tagging his in producer (who shall remain nameless out of spite for Tyrese briefly distracting us from a moment in Hip Hop history with his foolery) and wagered 500k to the winner. Swizz quickly shut that down with an IG video expressing his disgust in what Tyrese was suggesting.


Back to the matter at hand! Both Swizz and Timbaland are two world renowned producers and are both major influences on the careers for your favorite rappers favorite rapper!  Responsible for hits like “Ruff Ryders Athem” by DMX, “Money,Cash,Hoes” by Jay-Z feat DMX, “Wild Out” by The Lox, “Bring Em Out” by T.I,Whuteva” Remy Martin, “Upgrade You” by Beyonce’ and “Million Dollar Bill” by the late great Whitney Houston.
#CherryJuice: Battle of the Beatz Swizzbeatz vs Timbo


Timbaland has some major hits in his catalog as well being the foundation for so many careers with countless hits like “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) Missy Elliot, “Are You that Somebody” Aaliyah, “Nigga What, Nigga Who” Jay-Z, “Cry Me a River” Justine Timberlake, “The Jump off” Lil’ Kim, and“Turn Off The Light” Nelly Furtado. I could go on and on about either Genius because they have a catalogs going back from 1990-1998; over 20 years of energy filled music!


After all that is the reason why both producers have grown so much sucess, their music carries that type of energy that feeds your soul! This battle is definitly a can’t miss!! Check out a clip from Swizz and Timbo warming up below.


Sources: Instagram, YouTube, XXL

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Khadira Savage

July 22nd, 2017

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