#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Cardi B SNL Belly Bump Reveal she is “Finally Free”

#CherryJuice: Cardi B SNL Belly Bump Reveal she is “Finally Free”



Cardi B SNL Belly Bump Reveal she is “Finally Free”

Its been a huge week for Cardi B! If the release of her first studio album going Gold on its release date was not enough excitement just days later Bam…Baby Bump!! What better way to reveal your pregnancy other than a live performance on SNL!

Dressed in a beautiful white gown made by Christian Siriano, the first half of the performance of “Be Careful” only showed a tight shot of Cardi’s face and upper body under the spotlight and after the 1st few stanzas, the camera zooms out, the audience screams with delight as Cardi finally reveals her baby bump for the world to see. Cardi was later seen celebrating her new found freedom as she is overheard yelling “I’m finally free” popsugar.com

For months the internet has been buzzing with pregnancy rumors, but after Cardi’s iHeart Radio performance her Puffy Tutu apparently gave it away! With the release of the video for her 2nd single “Bartier Cardi”  the speculation continued. Even the Spotify ad had some belly blockage, I must admit her team was really creative in finding ways to hide baby Cardi; I’ve had to zoom into a few pics trying to solve this mystery myself. It was hard to dispute seeing that every shot of Cardi was above the waist or her clothing choices which were all ironically free-flowing or extravagant enough to fluff out a bump.

There have been so many reactions to her pregnancy, but for the most part, its all love and I believe that people are genuinely excited to continue to witness this new addition to this Cinderella story.

I don’t know how anyone can hate on this Bronx Beauty, Cardi B is the recipe for success…Just be yourself! Congrats and hats off to you Cardi B!


Take a look at Cardi B’s SNL performance Below


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Khadira Savage

April 11th, 2018

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