#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: DMX Sentenced To Six Months On Lockdown (Video)

#CherryJuice: DMX Sentenced To Six Months On Lockdown (Video)

Apparently, Iyanla Can’t ‘Fix’ Everybody’s ‘Life.’ DMX is one of them.

Hard-knocked rapper DMX, one of the best selling hip-hop artists ever, was sentenced to six months jail time in Buffalo, New York, Tuesday night, according to reports.

The New York City Sheriff Department says DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was in arrears on child support payments to the tune of $400,000. The 44-year-old rapper was¬†originally arrested¬†for the child support charges on June 26, just before a scheduled performance at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. He was taken into custody by the Erie County Sheriff’s office on Tuesday, where a judge handed him the six month sentence.

Reggae singer Shaggy confirmed the news Tuesday night on Twitter, announcing that DMX wouldn’t be able to perform at the Shaggfest concert in Virginia Beach on July 25.

#CherryJuice: DMX Sentenced To Six Months On Lockdown (Video)

The last time DMX made headlines was on the OWN channel’s Iyanla: Fix My Life two years ago, where the troubled rapper flipped out on Iyanla Vanzant and his son during an emotional intervention.



July 15th, 2015

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