#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Hip Hop vs. Gucci

#CherryJuice: Hip Hop vs. Gucci

Hip Hop enforces Gucci boycott after black face sweater, Gucci CEO to meet Dapper Dan

T.I has called for 3 month boycott of Gucci after a controversial black face sweater was seen on its website. The Atlanta rapper also called brands such as Prada and Moncler for making clothing with racist undertones. Dapper Dan, who has a line with the fashion house, spoke out about the sweater. Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri flew from Italy to Harlem to speak with Dapper Dan.

The Aftermath

50 Cent donated his Gucci clothes to the homeless and burned a shirt. Floyd Mayweather was by TMZ dropping a fortune in a Gucci store. The boxer would state he doesn’t follow trends. T.I would release a diss track aimed at Floyd called “F***N****”.(link below) Floyd would later respond with a lengthy Instagram post calling the boycotts hypocritical. 50 Cent would respond to Floyd with memes and question Dapper Dan’s integrity. Katy Perry had a shoe line removed as fall out to the Gucci controversy.


What’s Next?

First, I can’t afford Gucci. What these rappers can do is find Black owned fashion brands and make it hot. I know two brands : FM Hip Hop’s very own GameHeavyBrick has Nvzreth Apparel and my guy River Phoenix has Collective Yen. I will leave links for these brands at the bottom of the article. In my opinion, Gucci is using Dapper Dan as a band aid. Dapper Dan can help diverse the fashion world, but a racial incident shouldn’t be the cause for inclusion. What we should do is support our own. We don’t need Gucci for validation.

Sources: HotNewHipHop/Mirror.com.uk

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February 18th, 2019

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