#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Kanye West Its Bigger Than Rap Maga Hat

#CherryJuice: Kanye West Its Bigger Than Rap Maga Hat


Kanye West Its Bigger Than Rap Maga Hat

Kanye West has undeniably gone above and beyond to make sure he is getting the proper media coverage in the upcoming weeks to his latest project releases.  Making the Maga Hat the center of attention Mr. West has indeed evolved from the sunken place and has met the level of a new low.

Kanye West’s performance on Last Nights SNL Premiere for their New Season got exactly what he was looking for; attention!  Kanye’s performances throughout the show was a disconcerting attempt to draw as much attention as possible to himself and his latest singles. The performances that featured guest appearances from Lil’ Pump, dressed as a what appeared to be a suavitel fabric softener bottle with Ye dressed as a water bottle, the two performed their latest duet “I Love It”. Ye also premiered a new song with Teyana Taylor titled “We Got Love”. Kid Cudi and Ye put on a show for a stage full of the SNL team as they looked on in awe of Kanye and Cudi’s High energy performance.

Teyana Taylor and Kid Cudi gave different energies throughout their performances. Some may compare the unbalanced nature of his performances as a representation of Kanye’s current state of mind.

Addressing Memes that suggested that he should get out of a sunken place came hand in hand with a Pro- Number 45 speech; which outshined every performance of the night. Kanye’s defense and/or logic behind wearing the Maga Hat comes off as a hollow attempt to justify a foolish idea that not only went left but caused an internet frenzy! At whose expense?

Its Bigger than Rap

SwizzBeats definitely made it clear that he was not feeling the antics! Swizz is standing his ground on what he feels and expressed that he has love for Kayne despite the fact that he can not agree with Kanye’s current marketing ploy. Kanye stated that he felt bullied due to his difference of beliefs, these statements fall on deaf ears to a nation of people that get bullied on the daily basis just because of their skin color.

“I just seen that SNL, Kanye,” he says at the start of a video he posted to Instagram. “And I hear you talking about being bullied for the hat. It feels kinda funny because we were just talking about the hat less than 48 hours ago…. I was just addressing how uncomfortable the culture feels with you representing somebody who’s blatantly hurting our people.”-SwizzBeats 

The Sunni Side of Things

Beyond talent still lives logic, Kanye’s current state in his career is riding on a concept or marketing ploy. How could this supersede your purpose when you hold the type of Power that Kayne West has. Kayne appears to be in a drunken state of Power and for whatever reason has deliberately chosen to use the power of attention to dilute the power of his purpose as an artist.

Every person with a platform has a responsibility to serve a God-given purpose to the millions of people in the world that tune in to your music as an artist. Going against the grain for the sake of attention is a smack in the face to the legacy that this culture helped Kayne to create. It’s a smack in the face to every person that ever used Kanye West Music as a tool to conquer our own daily  Monster. 


The biggest lesson the hip-hop community can take from Kanye West and his recent antics are to invest in the artist that invest in YOU!!!  We can not continue to promote or ignore artist that blatantly disregard our culture for a dollar and a headline. #TalkAboutIt

Sources: Genius, Instagram, YouTube

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Khadira Savage

September 30th, 2018

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