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#CHERRYJUICE: Lil Yatchy claims he wrote City Girls “Act Up”

#CHERRYJUICE: Lil Yatchy claims he wrote City Girls “Act Up”

Lil Yatchy is your fav City Girl


Lil Yachty opened up about his co-writing credit on the City Girls‘ hit single “Act Up” in an interview with Kerwin Frost. Yachty is listed as one of three writers on “Act Up” from their Girl Code album, along with producer EarlThePearll and Jatavia “J.T.” Johnson.  He admits he “wrote the whole song” with the exception of JT’s last verse. “One day I was in the studio with my best friend Earl and he played the beat and said ‘write something for City Girls’ and I was like ‘okay.’ And I just did it,” he says.

Behind the Scenes

Yachty “I just thought like them,” Yachty later explains. “I know them personally and I know what women like to hear. I was like, ‘What’s some raunchy shit?’ So before I went in the booth, I said, ‘No homo y’all.’ Because all my boys was in the room. And I started saying just crazy shit. But I came out and I was like, ‘Y’all watch, this is about to blow up.’”

Yachty was right. “Act Up” has been sitting on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and recently hit the Top 40 in February. City Girls also earned their third week at No. 1 on the Emerging Artists chart.

Yachty says this experience has inspired him to write for other artists. He plans to release new songs he has written soon.

Many are shocked that Yachty is the voice behind their favorite lines from the City Girls’ song. People took to Twitter with humor and wit on the situation. Check out some of the reactions and the full interview below.





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Aziah Pless

April 23rd, 2019

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