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#CherryJuice : Philly Shows Brotherly Love With “Rally For Meek Mill”

#CherryJuice : Philly Shows Brotherly Love With “Rally For Meek Mill”


Free Meek Mill Rally

Philidelphia the city of brotherly love, and they proved it on Monday holding A “Rally For Meek Mill”, Outside Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center. The Demonstrators gathered to voice their opinion and Love for the Imprisoned rapper.





Last week Meek Mill was handed an unjust sentencing of 2-4 years for probation violations. The unjust sentencing sent the Hip-Hop culture into a frenzy, from the time of his sentencing people from all walks of life let it be known that they didn’t agree with the sentencing and felt like Meek  got a raw deal ,matters only got worst once Meek’s Attorney Joe Tacopina let the world know that the judge in Meeks case had a personal Vendetta against the rapper. Attorney Joe Tacopina states that Judge Genece Brinkley “crossed the line of Professionalism and traditional conduct” Tacopina exposed that The judge allegedly asked Meek to Leave his Roc Nation management team and sign with her friend’s label. How could a Judge say or do something like this, once that news was exposed a petition began to circulate asking for Governor Tom Wolf to have Meeks Unjust sentencing remedied.






The number of signatures reached 300.000. A spokesperson for the Governor says’s it’s not much he can do his hands are tied.  Monday’s rally included athletes and celebrities, Meek’s label Boss Rick Ross made it his business to attend and he spoke to the large crowd saying

Rick Ross speaks at Rally for Meek Mill(video)


“In Meek’s case It wasn’t simply a miscarriage of justice it was an abortion of justice”. Also on hand lending support was NBA legend Julius Erving and some Philidelphia Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins and Vinny Curry. The demonstrators rallying said the Judge showed extreme bias in her sentencing. The strongest part of the Rally was fans reciting Meek Mill’s anthem Dreams and Nightmares.For now, Meek is locked up, but let’s hope for at least one time Justice will prevail.

Demonstrators  Rap Dreams& Nightmares Meek Mill Rally(video)

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November 14th, 2017

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