#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: T-Pain Catches Heat for Co-Signing Snitching

#CherryJuice: T-Pain Catches Heat for Co-Signing Snitching

T-Pain Co-Signs Snitching and Speaks on Soulja Boy and Jordyn Woods

T-Pain pulled up for an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. The King of Auto-Tune dropped many gems, but his thoughts on the 6ix9ine situation went viral. He said would snitch so hard if he was in his shoes. Then he would ask when does the street code override your family. This sparked debates and to some people outrage.  Believe it or not, everyone isn’t living by that code and T-Pain isn’t a street guy.

T-Pain On Soulja Boy and Jordyn Woods

He calls Big Draco “A Great”, but would like to see new music out to back it up. T-Pain, who is a gamer, said that the Soulja Boy Console has to do more for it to get support. Saying to support it because it is Black-owned isn’t enough. The King of Auto-Tune spoke on the Kardashians vs Jordyn Woods. He would say that this is something they always do to other people. T-Pain would joke on how if a Kardashian kid tried to make a family tree they would find out that their uncles would be their cousins.

Artists React To T-Pain’s Stance on Snitching

T-Pain got reactions from artists. Mysonne gave a 9-minute video response to T-Pain. Gillie Da Kid went to social media to give his two cents. Fabolous and Snoop Dogg spoke out as well. I think the next few years are going to be interesting. People felt like T-Pain unqualified to speak on the streets. A lot of people felt like 6ix9ine wasn’t real but “Street” guys were still around him and using him as an influence. If 6ix9ine attempts a comeback and it is successful what are the people going to do.


Gillie Da Kid Goes In on T-Pain: https://youtu.be/LQWnMzvbGac

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March 3rd, 2019

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