#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: T.I. and Tiny Divorce off, well maybe not.

#CherryJuice: T.I. and Tiny Divorce off, well maybe not.

T.I. and Tiny decide to work it out.

T.I. and Tiny decide to work it out.

T.I. and Tiny decide to work on things and take their relationship one day at a time. This was good news to me because I love them as a couple and it’s just a shame to see one of the real couples break up.


T.I. and Tiny decide to work it out.

Last week on the Wendy Willams show, Tiny and her group Xscape made an appearance to talk about their Upcoming tour as well as their reality show that will premiere soon. In the midst of being interviewed Wendy asked Tameka the questions everyone has been wondering are the King of the South and his Lil Mama really done?After Wendy questioned some of the group members about their family life up next was Tiny,Wendy dramatically asked “What’s up with you are you still married and Tiny responded by saying “yes I’m still married were taking it one day at of time ” I don’t know about anyone else but I was happy to hear those words come out of her mouth. After the Wendy interview, people were running with the story, but over the weekend Tameka made a statement to US weekly  to clarify her statements on Wendy, Tiny said”This doesn’t imply that my divorce is  off, it states that we are trying to figure it  out one day at a time, I do not want false press stories to overshadow the intent of our interview with Wendy announcing  tickets for my groups Xscapes national tour which starts November 22nd. It is also my husbands birthday and these stories should not interfere with how my family intends to spend our day celebrating him”. T.I. made no comments but Tiny showed her feelings for the King of the South on his birthday with a huge billboard shouting him out and expressing her love. If taking it one day at a time helps the Harris family get back on track let it be.

 Watch Xscape reunites on Wendy and Tiny Talks reconciliation with T.I. (Watch)

Sources: Youtube, Wendy Williams show, Us Weekly

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September 28th, 2017

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