#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Tory Lanez Claims Rap King

#CherryJuice: Tory Lanez Claims Rap King

Tory Lanez Wants Smoke with Pusha T and J Cole, Says He Not Afraid of Eminem

First of all, fans define Tory Lanez genre of music. He has rapped, done R&B, and reggae tracks. A short time ago, he went toe to toe with Joyner Lucas. Some say Tory Lanez picked up the W.  Later on with the King of R&B debate raging on, Tory Lanez would claim that title as well. Tory Lanez would later get in a situation with Royce Da 5’9( it got squashed) over Twitter. Now Tory Lanez is sending an open invitation to rappers.

Has the King Title became Cliché?

Words that get thrown around to much: King, G.O.A.T( Greatest of All Time), and Classic. I think King has jumped the shark. Anybody can just claim king. I believe Tory Lanez is talented with a diverse sound. He isn’t the king of nothing yet. If he makes some music that is worthy of being king, then I will join in crowning him. J Cole is too busy with the Dreamville album and is about to drop another solo project. Pusha T is working on the follow up to Daytona. Eminem will look corny responding to Tory Lanez.

Who Gave Tory Lanez Smoke?

Mysonne responded to Tory Lanez. He also gave him and Joyner some bars during their battle. Tory didn’t respond to Mysonne that time and I’m not sure he will this time. JR Writer released a diss at Tory Lanez called “Headshot”. Don Q also came at Tory Lanez with a track called “I’m Not Joyner”. Don Q went to Social Media and said that Tory Lanez had 48 hours to respond.

Listen to Both Diss Tracks Below: Headshot- JR Writer and I’m Not Joyner-Don Q


Sources: Instagram/Twitter/Complex Magazine

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January 27th, 2019

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