#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Tory Lanez and The Rap Battle Royal

#CherryJuice: Tory Lanez and The Rap Battle Royal

Tory Lanez vs. Don Q vs. Dream Doll

I respect Tory Lanez. It took a singer to make people want to rap again. Beginning the week off, Don Q came at Tory Lanez with “I’m Not Joyner”. Tory Lanez responded with “Don Queen”. In the response to Don Q, Dream Doll caught a stray shot from Tory Lanez. Dream Doll came with a track as well. She came with “On Ya Head”, she savagely came at Tory. Dream Doll said Tory licked her feet through her socks and wanted a 3 some with her and another man.

Tory Lanez Wants Smoke with Dreamville?

Tory Lanez called out Pusha T and J Cole before he battled Don Q. JID responded to Tory Lanez via Instagram Live. The next two that will rap will be them too. I might like Tory over JID. JID is nice but he sounds way too much like Kendrick Lamar. A lot of people like myself can’t get past that. I don’t think the other label members would get it with Tory Lanez.

How Do We Stop Tory Lanez?

The fact that everyone goes first against Tory is to his benefit. Joyner Lucas and Don Q rap better than Tory Lanez. Both of them didn’t go hard enough at Lanez. They gave us great lyrical content but Lanez took jabs at them.  Dream Doll had the best rebuttal. She came at Lanez. Dream Doll didn’t try to out bar him unlike Joyner and Don Q. Don Q had me too. He used the “Victory” instrumental and I thought it was over for Lanez.

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February 3rd, 2019

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