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#FMTrends: Dave East Proves “Legendary” Status With New Video [Link]

#FMTrends: Dave East Proves “Legendary” Status With New Video [Link]

Photo Credit: YouTube

Dave East Proves “Legendary” Status With New Video

Happy Holidays and safe travels and more to all my FM Trendsetters!  I hope the eggnog did not hit you hard enough to miss the highly anticipated video by Mr. Dave East.  Def Jam artist and NaS protégé, Dave East, dropped a Christmas gift for fans on the first day of Kwanzaa.  The visual release of his song “Legendary“, a track found on the Dat Piff release of his “KARMA” mix tape, was directed by Fred Focus.  This young director previously worked with East last year for the track, “KD“. So there is no surprise that the “Paranoia” emcee recruited him for this exclusive project.


Photo Credit: YouTube

The visual street masterpiece starts off like any other typical night in New York City.  In the heart of East Harlem.  The streets in which reflect the stomping grounds of the featured artist.  It is dark, gritty, and the lighting in the video makes you feel the drama and every word that is spitted by East.  His words start blending with the background and feel of the whole video.  The director really captured the lyrics and personality of the lyricist with the perfect blend of what should be the definition of a first look of what Harlem embodies, from the outside looking in.



Photo Credit: YouTube

It starts out with camera shots of East‘s crew, friends and family.  “I’m up in Harlem with all my diamonds like I’m Killa Cam”  The man is literally living his lyric, as he flashes three or four chains, that brighten the dark hoodie and bubble.  Who would want to rob this man when you see how extensive his crew is in this video?  The classic New York Hip Hop rap video.  Lyrics, housing projects, hand movements, crew, and paying homage to legendary artists who came before him.  A great recipe for one who becomes “Legendary“.



Watch Dave East Legendary NOW



Source: Dave East’s YouTube Channel


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December 29th, 2017

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