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#FMFeline: DJ Amanda Blaze brings the hustle from NYC to Miami

#FMFeline: DJ Amanda Blaze brings the hustle from NYC to Miami

From Manhattan to South Beach, DJ Amanda Blaze excels

Internationally-recognized DJ and host DJ Amanda Blaze has blessed some of the world’s hottest venues with her talents on the turntables. She was a resident DJ at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center and Jay-Z’s famed 40/40 Club before relocating from New York City to Miami, and counts Neiman Marcus, Marciano, and Royal Caribbean Cruises as her clients. When she isn’t heating up private events, nightclubs, and universities in South Beach, she is jet-setting to Boston, Toronto, Dubai, and beyond as a highly sought-after entertainment professional. In spite of her many achievements, this #FMFeline remains humble and hungry for the next adventure. Get the juice on DJ Amanda Blaze in an exclusive FM Hip Hop interview.

FM HIP HOP: How did you break into the New York market after starting your DJ’ing career at Penn State?

DJ AMANDA BLAZE: It took time. I did a lot of networking; I initially did some free events just to get my name out there. It took about three years of building and not making any money before I started being able to live off of DJ’ing and being able to travel and do my thing. It definitely takes a lot of time and patience.

FM: Are you affiliated with any DJ organizations? What do you see as the pros and cons of DJs doing that?

AB: I’m not personally [affiliated]. I definitely built a network, though. I thought about it, but for me, I didn’t want that the group to overshadow the lane that I am building– [especially] because I am a female DJ. For pros, it’s definitely great because you have the support of a group. You can share music and information, and usually there’s a person that handles everyone’s bookings. The cons would be that you have to share bookings and you also have to be very supportive of the group versus building your own lane.

FM: What advice do you have for DJs with a local following that are trying to book more gigs and gain more recognition nationally?

AB: In order to become national, I really suggest building your online presence (having a website, doing a lot of research on how to gain followings on social media). Those are the basics for building your presence because everyone is online. A lot of times, I’ll put my mixes on my website or my iTunes podcast, and people will hear it from different cities and different countries. That’s how I get my bookings out of town.

Other than that, I would say network with people locally. I’m in Miami, and before that, I was in New York. So people were coming from out of town all the time. When I DJ’d parties, I would build with whatever promoters were in town, or people who knew people that could get me into their city.

FM:What is one of your most memorable events at which you DJ’d?

AB: There’s a lot. My favorite most recent thing that I did was last summer, I did a two-week Caribbean cruise. I worked the cruise but during the day I was also able to see a bunch of different islands that I wouldn’t normally be able to go to.

FM: What are you currently doing in Miami?

AB: I do a lot of private events right now– I’m starting to do my own events on South Beach and Wynwood. Right now, I’m in rotation at different places, but I’m still traveling out of town, and I work with Scratch Events Agency for private and in-store type of events and club bookings.

I just dropped Miami Nights Vol. 2. It’s a series that I started just to put music out there that I always have fun DJ’ing in Miami, and also putting out awareness that I live in Miami now versus New York [laughs].


Download Miami Nights Vol. 2 on DJAmandaBlaze.com or on the DJ Amanda Blaze podcast on iTunes. Fans can keep up with DJ Amanda Blaze on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Brownie Marie

May 24th, 2017

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