#Fresh Juice

#FreshJuice: Drake Announces First Tech Investment, “Omni” App

#FreshJuice: Drake Announces First Tech Investment, “Omni” App

Drake Helps Us Get Organized for 2016 with New App!

From actor to rapper to businessman, these days Drizzy Drake is undoubtedly the jack of all trades. His latest venture is an investment in a new cloud-based app called “Omni” and it has the twitterverse buzzing. Here’s what you need to know:

Drake is working alongside Omni creator Thomas McLeod to not only fund, but add to the creative development of the “personal storage concierge” app.

According to their website, Omni’s personal service and mobile app lets you view, organize and retrieve your things from storage, item by item, without ever visiting a storage facility.

The Omni team unpacks, photographs, and catalogs your  items and then upload the images and information to be viewed in the app.


Revolutionary? Could be. Right now this service is only available in the San Francisco area, but we know it’ll make it’s way over toward the 6side (and your neighborhood) in no time.


Omni CEO and Founder Thomas McLeod posted this caption to his Instagram account announcing the collaboration:

#FreshJuice: Drake Announces First Tech Investment, “Omni” App

Photo via @tmcleod

“Great time last night with some of the newest investors in Omni. Being one of Drakes first tech investments and doing deep dives on the crossover between tech and music from an end user perspective…is wild. Love seeing intelligent diversification of all industries. Execution is everything, back to the warehouses for me! #somacapital #ovo”


Congrats, Champagne Papi!

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December 23rd, 2015

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