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#FMTrends: Female Mixtapes opens doors for femcees, DJs, producers

#FMTrends: Female Mixtapes opens doors for femcees, DJs, producers

Babs Bunny - 'Waves Music'

Babs Bunny’s ‘Waves Music,’ available for download and streaming on FemaleMixtapes.com

Eleven continues his support of female artists with new app

Female artists have an ally in entrepreneur and music connoisseur Eleven. The creator of mixtape series turned documentary “She Got Next,” he recently launched Female Mixtapes, a website and mobile app solely featuring female music professionals. Boasting original mixes by indie and mainstream producers, DJs, and artists, Female Mixtapes also  interviews, and the ability to stream and download content. Download the app on Google Play, or visit FemaleMixtapes.com for a full viewing experience. More on Eleven in the exclusive FM Hip Hop interview below!


FM Hip Hop: What inspired you create Female Mixtapes?

ELEVEN: I have been creating platforms for females since 2008. After getting labels and TV networks’ doors slammed in my face, I was talking to my home girl, Chloe, and that sparked the idea. [I was interested in] a place that set the balance for all ladies in hip hop.

FM: Are all genres of music featured?

E: Yes, but mostly hip hop because the elimination of female hip hop wouldn’t be tolerated in any other genre. But if you are a female, send me your content.

FM: How can artists, DJs, and producers get their music on the site?

E: Just send it to [email protected]

FM: What is the future of Female Mixtapes?

E: Well, I put Female Mixtapes together to show mainstream and the public that more than one or two females can co-exist. Hopefully the mixtape “genre” will be taken more seriously.

FM: Tell us about “She Got Next.”

E: It started as a female rap documentary about the elimination of the female “Rap” category in all the major award shows. Eve and my sis Babs Bunny were the first on board. Then I started the “She Got Next Mixtapes” when we was being forcefed female sex hip-hop.

FM: Are there any other projects that you’re working on?

E: YES!! I can’t say the network but the “She Got Next” TV series is coming. The director of “Being Mary Jane” and “Queen Sugar,” me, and veteran writer Reed McCants wrote a great script. Every female rapper can see themselves in it. Black, white, gay, etc. [Multi-platinum] recording artist Lady Luck is writing the music and the score is being produced by female producer Ashley Nyx. I’m REALLY all about female Empowerment.

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Brownie Marie

March 5th, 2018

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