#FM Artist Spotlight

#FM Artist Spotlight: Kay Kapone Aims to Be the New Wave. (with Review)

#FM Artist Spotlight: Kay Kapone Aims to Be the New Wave. (with Review)

Kay Kapone: A Young Master of Hooks

A lot of young, new artists fail to connect with the people. One great hook can change that. With songs becoming shorter and more melodic, the hook might be the most important part of the song next to the production. Kay Kapone has an ear for picking beats, a thing that even legends can struggle with. He is also a master of hooks. Having Kayy on a hook can transform a song. A hook from him can take an ordinary song to a greatness or make a great song a classic.

Review on Kay Kapone’s “Kap Season”

Last month, he put out his debut project, “Kap Season”. It is a linear project and should be listened to in order. https://open.spotify.com/album/3ZbrMl1uXoPYpq4n92QMsx?nd=1

  1. No Stylist(Intro)- A song with an amazing hook as Kay meets his potential girlfriend, who loves his fashion sense.
  2. Way Too Busy- The lovers quarrel as Kay Kapone’s life becomes consumed by his artistry.
  3. Alone (featuring RTF)- Kay gets assistance from RTF as he breaks up with his queen. He delivers with his vocals as RTF goes off on a somber beat that will remind you of all your break-ups.
  4. Baby – Kay gives you the perfect song to drunk dial your ex. This song should be heard only in dark rooms
  5. Self Confessions – A song on the black man’s plight in America that we all could relate to.
  6. Single Ladies – Kay gives you the post break up anthem for the summer.
  7. Fed Ex- A song for us after we win the break up.
  8. Down Bad(Outro featuring Mic London) – Kay and Mic London tell us why returning to our exes ain’t the move.

What’s Good with Kay Kapone

Kap Season is available on all platforms. It is an impressive debut project. Kay lives in the studio and frequently collaborates with Ty Balla and RTF. He has been working with them for 2 years. Kay feels he is versatile to work with anyone is this industry. Since he lives in the studio, he has vaults of music unreleased. He has another solo project coming and a project coming with Ty Balla. Kay could be found on all streaming sites and on Instagram ( @kay.lox_).

Sources: Spotify/Apple Music/ Instagram

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August 5th, 2019

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