#FM Artist Spotlight

#FM Artist Spotlight Phyl Wxxds

#FM Artist Spotlight Phyl Wxxds

Drum Roll Please…

What’s Poppin FM Hip Hopper’s! This might be a bit different from what some of ya’ll are used to but I wanted to take a break from the mainstream to show a peep of upcoming artists. I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for underground vibes. I always peruse my Soundcloud for obscure artists and there are so many on the grind with new sounds. I linked up, via phone call, with an old friend for an interview about his music. He is a singer/songwriter and when I met him and heard his Tiller-esque style, I was hooked! Catching up with him, I found out he moved to Virginia and he’s got BIG things coming. Definitely check him out on SoundCloud and give his Instagram a visit. You’ll be seeing him on the scene soon, I’m sure of it. Without further a do let me introduce… Phyl Wxxds.


       Phyl Woods

 Instagram: phylwxxds

Soundcloud: PHYL WXXDS

Business inquires: [email protected]


So, what’s up, tell me a little bit about yourself. You know, what made you want to be an artist, kind of where you got started, where you’re from, your music vibes, ALL that.

Well, my name is Phillip Woods and I go by Phyl Woods. Shoot…it all started in 1992 in Lakeland, Florida. But you know I gotta show love to Thomasville, Georgia the 229. They put me on the road and that’s my city too. But I just grew up listening to all genres of music. My uncle, he was really into music and my dad didn’t make it any better cause’ he was a DJ. So I think that’s where I got it from. Ever since then, I’ve just been in love with music.

\Oh dang, I feel you. That means I need to hear some Saxophone tunes on your beats then! Alright, so tell me about the first song you put out, I.D.N.Y.B. (I Don’t Need You Back) right? What was your headspace when you made that song? You say it’s not a “breakup” song but I know it is, lowkey.

Gee, I don’t know.  I guess it was one of those songs that I think a lot of people can relate to. Like, okay I’m down with you and now you want me back so the tables turned.

I feel you. So you’re 26 now, dropped your first song almost 3 years ago. So who inspired you? Who are your musical inspirations because I know, when we spoke earlier, you got in contact with someone who makes Tiller-ish beats. Is that the vibe that you’re on?

Yeah, I could never really put a name on it. Back then, I guess they called it “Emo.” I was actually listening to a lot of artists and was checking for Tiller before he was mainstream so I was definitely a fan of his music. His beats especially fit me because I sing but at the same time I rap, and Tiller called that “Trapsoul,” R&B with a bop. Ayo the producer, he made songs with Bryson Tiller, and he played my song on his Instragram live and then everyone was like “Who is that?” He gave me a shoutout on his page and now I have so many producers hitting me up asking to work together so I’m like “Oh my Gosh.”

That’s so exciting! Kudos to Ayo for putting you on. I fw that “Trapsoul” sound too because I love listening to artists that have that nice bop but they’re kind of singing. So Phyl Wxxds, where’d you come up with the name, and with the X’s?

Yeah, he def put me on. Well, I might change it to the old Woods because when people are looking for me they use the O’s and can’t find me. But I think it got started when I was making my Twitter, and it wouldn’t let me use the O’s, I guess someone already had that name. I was like okay I’ll just use the X’s. It’s nice, but people would hit me up asking to spell my name. Then when Ayo played my music, people in the comments were asking how to spell it so I’m thinking about changing it.

Awww, well whatever. I like Phyl Wxxds with the X, it reminds me of 6lack with the six. It also reminds me of that time when people were going through that wave of putting X’s and Y’s instead of other vowels and what not. You got to keep the X’s, especially if you BIG blowup. So we can expect some new music soon right?

I’m taking it more serious than I was before because people get mad at me all the time about not making music. I have a whole folder full of songs that need to be mixed and mastered and so much material that I just want to drop. There’s a song called “Devil in a Red Dress” that’s pretty dope that I’ll be dropping when I get a good team together to do the mixing and get these funds right. Being an artist is expensive.

Oh I bet, I’ve been thinking about making music here and there until I realize I have to get my funds right. But yeah you really gotta get good people that wanna work with you and know your sound so they know what kind of music you’re trying to put out. Well, what is your end goal for your music? Do you wanna get a bigger fan base and make music for your career?

Right now I really want to do an EP and put good music out there, because I’m always coming up with something new. I want to build a new fanbase and reach out to new people, you know? I send my music to my boy in Miami but I’m very hands on and haven’t really found a team to work with me in Virginia. It’s a different experience when you’re in the studio versus sending your music over, because they can only go off of what they think is right.

I feel you, and you can definitely do that in Virginia, in the DMV area. I would say try to connect with the creatives in the area and go from there. I’ve been on you for a few years about your music and now you have so many people pushing you so you got it.

Yeah, now it’s definitely evolving and I have to keep applying myself. Most definitely.

Well Thanks again for your time and I’m really excited to watch your music evolve. Us creatives, we’re our biggest critics so keep just keep pushing and you’ll be up in no time!





Aziah Pless

February 9th, 2019

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