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#FMSportsTalk: Trisitan Thompson punches Draymond Green at ESPY’s After Party

#FMSportsTalk: Trisitan Thompson punches Draymond Green at ESPY’s After Party

Down Goes Green, Cleveland plans parade!!

LeBron James may have left for Hollywood and The Warriors became The Legion of Doom on steroids. We all know real beef doesn’t die and the beef between Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Tristian Thompson and Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green has reached another level. Thompson socked Green with a 2 piece at an ESPYs after-party hosted by LeBron James. Kevin Durant, along with James, broke it up before it could escalate even further.

History of Beef!

Draymond has no love for the Cleveland Cavilers. He called LeBron the B-word and punched him in the groin in 2016 during the NBA Finals. He mocked Kendrick Perkins calling him a cheerleader. His issues with Tristan Thompson seemed more personal. The NBA Finals are filled with drama and 2018 was no different. Tristian Thompson was dealing with the fallout of cheating on Khloe Kardashian and Draymond Green wasn’t making it any better. In Game 1, Thompson was ejected, Green mocks him, and the Cavs power forward slams the basketball into Draymond’s face. Afterward, Green gave interviews like wrestling promos. He stated how he can’t fight Thompson at an NBA venue, but in the streets, it would be a different story. He would also say that he and Thompson aren’t cut from the same cloth.




Change of Heart?

Thompson tried to shake Green’s hand after the 2018 Finals. Green refused and trolled him and the Cavs at the Warriors Parade. Ironically, at the ESPYs after-party, Green tried to apologize and Thompson punched him. Green has denied it, but several witnesses said it happened. The city of Cleveland plans to throw a parade in October for Thompson celebrating the humiliation of one of their biggest rivals.

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August 5th, 2018

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