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#FMTrends: Colin Kaepernick featured in Nike Just Do It Campaign

#FMTrends: Colin Kaepernick featured in Nike Just Do It Campaign

Nike features Kaepernick, Lebron, Serena and many others

I finally get to write about Colin Kaepernick. The Athlete, The Activist, The Hero, the man who risked his career and took a stand against racism and police brutality. He made the ultimate power move by becoming a face of a Nike campaign, “Just Do It.” Nike makes all NFL apparel. Kaepernick partnering up from Nike and getting support from them is huge. Colin Kaepernick is currently battling the NFL in a collusion case.

Today’s Athlete is Different

Nike created the performance suit Serena Williams wore at the French Open that was banned. Lebron James opened up a public school in his hometown. Colin Kaepernick put his race and human rights above his playing career. Online sales have gone up for Nike. The campaign comes at an interesting time in society. The Trump presidency has awoken individuals in a good/bad way. The focus of athletes using their platform to speak on social issues is at an all-time high. On the flip side, the disrespect towards those athletes is at an all-time high as well.


The American Reaction

This response to the campaign was very American. People supported the move and said they would support Nike. Others said they would boycott and defaced Nike merchandise by cutting the swoosh logo or burning them all together. To me, all the people making videos of them burning Nike Gear are just exposing their racist ways. The argument is always on Kap disrespecting the military. The military, for the most part, has supported the peaceful protest by him. With the campaign, Nike has given the man who took the knee and changed America its platform and I salute them for it.



Sources: ESPN/New York Times

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September 8th, 2018

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