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#FM Trends: Kanye Returns to Chicago

#FM Trends: Kanye Returns to Chicago

Yeezy seen with Chance the Rapper in Studio!

Yeezy didn’t win the summer, but was he heard. Kanye West returned to Chicago. In the Spring or Summer, Kanye tweeted about producing a Chance The Rapper album. I’m curious on how this would sound. He promised heat this summer and all we got in my opinion was debatable music. Pusha T had the best album in the G.O.O.D Music Fridays this summer. Personally, I love the new track “XTCY” by Kanye. A Chance album produced by Kanye sounds beautiful, but the world really needs a Chance The Rapper/Childish Gambino album.

107.5 WGCI Chicago Interviews Him

On this interview, Kanye apologized about his slavery being a choice statement. He admitted to his downward spiral being due to longtime friends like Don C not being around him when he needs them. Pusha T didn’t get dirt from Ye about Drake for ” The Story of Adidon”. Speaking of Drake, he hoped to repair his relationship with Drizzy. Kanye wishes to reinvent himself and wants the city to have his back.  Yeezy spoke about Trump and how he believes that Trump cares about how black people perceive him.

A New Kanye?

My first time speaking to Sunni(shout out to her) I said Kanye has to return home, breathe the Chicago air, eat some home cooked food from his auntie. He had to get that good gas from the block and watch some city tournament ball. No disrespect, Yeezy has to be amongst his people. He in Calabasas surrounded by Kardashians. Honestly has anyone ever seen the Kardashian family eat a meal? Kanye probably just hungry, not surrounded by friends who truly know him and away from home.

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September 5th, 2018

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