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#FMTrends: Lil Nas X and Young Thug “Old Town Road” Remix

#FMTrends: Lil Nas X and Young Thug “Old Town Road” Remix

Lil Nas X and Young Thug “Old Town Road” Remix

Lil Nas X dropped yet another “Old Town Road” remix, this time featuring Young Thug and Mason Ramsey in addition to Billy Ray Cyrus. The song, which highlighted Young Thug as the main featured artist on the remix, started off with a loud reverbed Yee-haw, reminiscent of Thuggers intro on “Family Don’t Matter” off of BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS. The release of this remix comes at a crucial time for Lil Nas X, as he looks to hold the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 100 for a record long 17 weeks. He only needs to hold on for two more weeks as he just eclipsed week 15 in the last few days. This does not seem to be the end of the road for the “Old Town Road” remix discography as Lil Nas has tweeted, “y’all think I can get dolly parton and megan thee stallion on a old town road remix?” It’s very possible we might see Lil Nas release a short album featuring exclusively “Old Town Road” and its array of remixes.

The dark horse of the most current remix was certainly Mason Ramsey. The kid who went viral as a yodeling sensation has grown as an artist immensely in the last year. Ramsey came in as the last verse, following Billy Ray Cyrus, and absolutely floated on the track. His verse blew up on social media, specifically his outro “Ay-yo, Ay-yo, yippie-o ki yay, if you ain’t got no giddy up then giddy out my way”. Mason’s tone and ability to add a yodel component with runs and falsetto’s worked shockingly well with the production. His verse in coordination and cohesion with Nas, Thug, and Billy Ray, has taken steps to further the concept of genre-less music. Although we all have heard “Old Town Road” a few too many times, it’s nice to hear a refreshing twist on the song.

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Ben Goodfellow

July 19th, 2019

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