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#FM Trends: The Top 50 Rappers of All Time Debate

The Top 50 List Madness

So FM Hip Hop, I have came with a fire extinguisher to stop the Top 50 madness. A podcaster’s list went viral and the world stopped and lost it’s mind. Everyone was putting out a top 50. I seen Lil Durk’s 50, Mike Tyson’s 50, DJ Vlad’s 50 and Ebro’s 50. Social Media was really ablaze with this topic. Old Heads had the 80s ad 90s in mind and the youngsters had the guys that no heard of, but had 70 million views on Sound Cloud. Hip Hop is a hard genre to do a Top 50 on. Heavy D was nice and always had records, but isn’t lyrical like a Jay Electronica or Papoose. A Papoose or Jay Electronica record won’t go off in a cookout or a club like a Heavy D or Biz Markie. Speaking of Biz, We would call Biz, a dope producer and song maker, a legend, but isn’t lyrical like Cassidy.

What is The Criteria for Your Top 50 List?

Everyone was dropping a top 50 list without any rhyme or reason. Are we going off talent? What about song making ability? How about rappers in groups? What about rappers that have songs in other genres? I had a lot of questions about this debate. Like what about rappers that had ghost writers? Kanye and Drake are dope, but had a team of writers. Eazy-E is a legend, but Ice Cube wrote his lyrics. Rappers in groups are another one as well. I love Mobb Deep as a group and I am divided on the late great Prodigy’s solo career. Big Boi has released more solo projects than Andre 3000. Wu-Tang is another problem. Certain guys in the group stand out and everyone has their favorite member. Another debate is a guy like Wiz Khalifa always has a record in circulation, will always have solid albums and following, but a person will rate Canibus higher because of his verse on “5,4,3,2,1” and a few legendary freestyles.

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August 13th, 2019

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