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#FMFeline: ‘Bull & Yaya’ co-host Ayana Ellis

#FMFeline: ‘Bull & Yaya’ co-host Ayana Ellis

Ayana “Yaya” Ellis is a prolific author and co-host of popular movie review program, “Bull & Yaya: Quiet on the Set,” and an upcoming show about the inner workings of the entertainment industry, “Set Life.” Her knack for combining honesty and entertainment have made her six novels, editorial work, on-camera ventures, and blog extraordinarily successful, and there is much more to come. With both shows in negotiations to be picked up by major television networks, and adaptations of her books on the way, this #FMFeline is one to watch. A Brooklyn native, Ellis delivers the truth raw and uncut, and her fans love her for it. In return, she offers advice, motivation, and a lot of fun along the way. Learn more about Ayana Ellis in this exclusive FM Hip Hop interview.

FM HIP HOP: How did you discover your passion for writing?

AYANA ELLIS: ​I discovered my passion early on in life– when I was around 13 or so I started to write songs. I love music, I love to read, so I always wanted to know how to write a song or a book. I basically taught myself how to format books and compose music just as a hobby. I started sharing it with friends and they would always tell me how good my work was. I didn’t really see it at first but then after a while I was like, “Wait, I might be on to something.” Writing definitely helped me through some tough times… still does. ​

FM: What do you want readers to glean from your works?

AE: ​That I am a lover of women. I love women. I love to see them win, I love to see them crawl out from the gutter, I love to see them grow, I love to see them persevere, I love to see them beat the odds, I love to see them shine– become heroes and role models.​ I have overcome a lot of obstacles and there were times when I had no one. That is what encourages me to write about women empowerment. Then there were many times I had a crew of sistas holding me down. That also encourages me to always highlight the beauty of sisterhood in my works.

FM: What advice do you have for those storytellers who are not yet published?

AE: Write the things you are most afraid to write.  If you are bored writing it, your readers will be bored reading it.  Don’t rush the process.  When you’re ready you will know.

FM: What do you enjoy most about “Quiet on the Set” and “Set Life”?

AE: [Laughs] The main thing about both of these shows is that I’m working side-by-side with a fool LOL [co-host, Hannibull]. He is my friend; we weren’t put together by a marketing team. This is no marketing strategy test run to see if this is gonna work. This is me and my mans, coming together fulfilling a dream of being cemented in entertainment history, chasing our passion.  I enjoy the fun we have, the unscripted nonsense, the chemistry, the professionalism… There isn’t just one thing, its everything. ​

FM: What inspires you?

AE: ​My daughter, hands down. I gotta win; she’s watching.​

FM: What’s next?

AE: ​I have scripts that I’m working on based off of three of my novels, “King Me,” “Don’t Be A Dumb B****,” and “Full Circle,” all available on Amazon. Also my nonprofit where I help victims of Domestic Violence. ​

Keep up with Ayana Ellis on her blog and on Facebook.

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Brownie Marie

May 10th, 2017

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