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#FMTrends: 2 Chainz Release Rap Or Go To The League With Lebron Assist

#FMTrends: 2 Chainz Release Rap Or Go To The League With Lebron Assist

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2 Chainz Release Rap Or Go To The League With Lebron Assist

Salutations FM Trendsetters!  Prolific trap artist 2 Chainz (formerly Tity Boi) released his critically acclaimed 5th studio album, “Rap Or Go To The LeagueFriday, March 1st.  Based on this album, the “BOATS” rapper really began the month off very well.  To make things interesting, he received A & R critique from one of the NBA’s prolific superstars, L.A. Lakers small forward Lebron JamesThe former Cavaliers recruit from Akron, Ohio lend his creative ear to the album, which lead to the worldwide anticipation.  Here is a track by track review of 2 Chainz new album:

  1. Forgiven (feat. Marsha Ambrosius): A very epic intro that sets the tone for the album.  I love the drums and the feel. Very dark as, 2 Chainz transforms to his alter ego Tity Boi and blends the line between his former basketball aspirations and the trap.  Rest in peace to the son of his fellow DTP brother Lil Fate.  The spoken word at the end was powerful. Jay-Z sample was everything.
  2. Threat 2 Society: A very funky and wonderfully sampled track. Gives you that early 2000s Roc-A-Fella era feel.  He never gets the credit he deserves, but this album should do it.
  3. Money in the Way: One of my favorite tracks. Southern slang on a NY-ish type of beat. Chainz prove he is more than a trap rapper with his delivery.
  4. Statue of Limitations: Classic B.O.A.T.S. 2 Chainz. First 3 tracks were his persona Tity Boi but this track is definitely his alter ego 2 Chainz. I love the piano key rift in the beat blended with the West Coast drums.
  5. High Top Versace (feat. Young Thug): With the release of his Chain Reaction Versace footwear, it is only right to have this track on here. With the assist from fellow ATLien Thugger Thugger.
  6. Whip (feat. Travis $cott):  Riding music for that fresh new car off the lot. Great lyrics and great hook by Travis $cott.
  7. NCAA:I’ll shoot a n***a for promotion” This track goes hard! Tity Boi meets 2 Chainz. He name drops a few artists in the song including Drake.
  8. Momma I Hit A Lick (feat. Kendrick Lamar): A weird beat but I can tell it was tailored made for his collaborator. Very melodic and catchy hook.
  9. Rule The World (feat. Ariana Grande): I love the fact that the producer sampled “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” from Amerie. It was always my favorite song. This song gives you that M-M-M-M-Maybach Music feel.  You would think Rick Ross would be on the track.
  10. Girl’s Best Friend (feat. Ty Dolla $ign): Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  I do not think I need to elaborate on what this song is about, based on the phrase alone. Ty Dolla $ign killed the hook!
  11. 2 Dollar Bill (feat. Lil Wayne & E-40): DJ Mustard put that sauce on the beat that complimented the realness in the track between all three legends. Weezy and the Ballitician from Cisco did their thing!
  12. I Said Me: The “Favorite Things” sample, mixed with the dramatic piano keys make the track sound like a scary movie, was dope. But that’s not all. The beat switches up to a warped trap version of Jay-Z‘s “Dead Presidents“. I love the bars 2 Chainz used. Analogies were on point.  hidden but crazy.
  13. I’m Not Crazy, Life Is (feat. Chance The Rapper & Kodak Black): This track is for those who feel people look at them different because they just look at life through a different perspective. Especially when they get hypothetical with certain situations.  The three rappers described their experiences with this.
  14. Sam: Perfect end to the movie that is this album.  The beat is definitely vintage South.  Reminds me of the same instruments used in 2 Chainz 2007 hit “Duffle Bag Boys” (under the Tity Boi moniker). The track name is a reference to the American fictional Uncle Sam, as a representation of the government.

This album is a different side of 2 Chainz, as the rapper may have constructed one of his most personal album yet.  This album is way different from his past albums and concepts.  This is just my opinion.  Hear it for yourself:

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rap-or-go-to-the-league/1454470237

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1BR69wIifGZUSimcuTjWVg


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March 3rd, 2019

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