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#FMTrends: Action Brunson Let me Breathe (Video)

#FMTrends: Action Brunson Let me Breathe (Video)



#FMTrends: Action Brunson “Let me Breath” Video

Action BrunsonLet me Breathe” Video

What do Monster trucks, Elderly men, Giant size chocolate women and trampolines all have in common?  Action BrunsonLet me Breathe” Video shows the comical nature of Action Brunson. With scenes of the extras being instructed to do choreographed pieces under the Direction of Action himself. Do not watch this while you are eating or drinking because you will surely spit your food out while laughing at this video! “Let me Breathe” a track off of the Blue Chips 7000 album which has been pushed back to be released August of this year.


Smooth Moves from a few elderly men, the cast for this video is definitely a diverse group. Monster truck moonlit scenes just fall right into place for the “Let me Breathe” Video. Action Bronson has always shown a different perspective of what having a good time means.


#FMTrends: Action Brunson Let me Breathe (Video)


Living outside of the box is kind of his thing, even as a celebrity Chef/food taster Action is known for taking things to the max; pure comedy. Other than hosting “Fuck, that’s Delicious” for Viceland Action is also said to be working up a new match making game coming to Snap chat.

 #FMTrends: Action Brunson Let me Breathe (Video)

“Can I describe the video? Listen man. I’m not good at, fucking, these types of descriptions. It’s just something you’re gonna have to see for yourself. I don’t fucking know how to explain this one. I don’t know”

Click here to see the full video for “Let me Breathe”





Source: Viceland, Instagram, YouTube

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Twitter: @SunniDaze_



Khadira Savage

July 13th, 2017

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