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#FMTrends: After 10 Years Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana Back With New Track [Link]

#FMTrends: After 10 Years Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana Back With New Track [Link]

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After 10 Years Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana Back With New Track

Salutations FM Trendsetters!  If you feeling your face, here is something to make you “can’t feel your face” again.  Young Money general Lil Wayne is back with Dip Set’s Juelz Santana again! No this is not 2008, I know its 2018.  When you hear this new banger, you will beg to differ!  The two veteran emcees trade blazed lyrics on new banger “Bloody Mary“.

Lil Wayne dropped the new track yesterday with his counterpart Juelz Santana.  With over 500,000 views on Youtube, the track already got the streets buzzing hard.  The two lyrical giants trade verses and bars that make your head bop with no pauses in between.  The track samples a blazed remix of the 1997 Makaveli track “Hail Mary“.

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“...No stunna man bussin like Dunna Man it’s evident
These hoes love me, they say my d**k is they medicine
Cosby spikin’ gelatin, still pushin’ and pedaling
Settling never, I’m like DiCaprio in The Revenant
Still whippin’ and stretchin’ it
2 pots, ambidextrous
I’m a beast, a dog, I see that money I’m catching it
Ya hoe throwing it at me, I’m catching it
Don’t check me, go check ya b***h
You don’t want to get me out of my element
From a tenant in a tenements to owning my residence
Phone still clicking I feel like a receptionist
I’m extraterrestrian….

First verse, Mr. Bandanna goes on a lyrical spree as he rides the track.


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Next to the bat is Tunechi who goes straight ham no pork, as he interrupts towards the end of the Santana’s Town emcee’s verse:

Tell ’em seek and you will find ’cause I’ma lose my mind
Kick a n***a @$$ then give em my shoes to shine
It’s do or die, I come from where we used to crime
The Uzi-9 more important than school supplies
The pools is dry, my n****s and the food is fried
The news is lies
The pigeons is too spooked to fly
The rules denied
All the toughest goons is mine
That’s Tunechi’s slimes
They kill you and go do the time
We unified
Young Money revolutionized the new design
We had to leave the flukes behind and super size…”

Photo Credit: Genius.com

You can’t deny the heavy punchlines, the delivery along with the way they rode the beat like a 64 Impala. This track is featured on Weezy’s new “Dedication 6: Reloaded” mix tape according to Complex magazine set to release today,  Friday , January 26th at 6pm EST.


[Click here to listen to the track “Bloody Mary” Lil Wayne featuring Juelz Santana]


Source: Genius.com, Complex Magazine, Lil Wayne Youtube Channel


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January 26th, 2018

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