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#FMTrends: Bryson Tiller shows Us how he’s “Self Made” (Video)

#FMTrends: Bryson Tiller shows Us how he’s “Self Made” (Video)


Bryson Tiller shows Us how he’s “Self Made” (Video)


Bryson Tiller is proving once again why he is a force to be reckoned with in his new video for “Self Made” directed by Colin Tilley the newest track off his sophomore project True to Self that was released in May of this year.  


Tiller had a lot to get off his chest for this project and addressed the naysayers and doubters that questioned why there was a delay with his follow-up album.  Everything happens for a reason and it feels like Bryson Tiller is back right on time! In the Video for “Self Made”  shows Bryson weathering the storm luxury style with rainstorms and tornados spinning rapidly; Tiller is unfazed.  youtube.com

After changes with his management team, some might say Bryson is poking at old friends that may be under the impression that they deserve more recognition for the success of his career. Let’s be clear greatness never needs to be discovered, whether you find it or someone else does it will never change the fact that the greatness existed, to begin with. Even Jay-Z said it after his split with his longtime friend and business partner Dame Dash, “Heard mutherfuckers saying’ They made Hov Made Hov Say, Ok, so, make another Hov


“Must’ve heard a hundred niggas say they made me, (“I made that nigga!”) So which one you niggas made me? Don’t know who you talking to, not me, oh no, you can’t be They wan’ be my fam but my crew is sucker-lame free (Lame free) I just want a yacht and a jet-ski”


The proof is in the pudding, well in this case it’s in the music! “What’s next? I’m nervous for myself” when you are “Self Made” it won’t matter who try’s to tear you down, you can’t break what you didn’t create!


Check out the video for Bryson Tiller’s “Self Made”

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Khadira Savage

October 7th, 2017

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