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#FMTrends Bun B Makes Triumphant Return With New Banger [Audio]

#FMTrends Bun B Makes Triumphant Return With New Banger [Audio]


Photo Credit: Bun B’s SoundCloud

Bun B Puts Game Face On With New “Game Time” Track

This past week, the internet was going crazy! There was more excitement than the NBA All-Star Game, when it was held in Houston. No pun intended, of course. The Trill OG emcee from Port Arthur, Texas is back! Bun B, one half of the legendary UGK (Rest In Peace Pimp C) took a trip back in time to his old  self, coming out of hiatus, on his new banger, Game Time.  Bun B touches on a lot of issues in southern Hip Hop, as well as expresses his significant position in this rap game, as a veteran.  This song has fans and listeners hypnotized, with its dramatic horns and killer snares, mixed with bars on top of bars.  Definitely a “welcome back” introduction type of track.  Bun B definitely proves he is an Underground King, and also a legend in his own right!

Bars like “…you can’t block me, you can’t guard me/you can’t stop me, not even hardly/don’t make me pop 3, like I’m Horry/’cause you are not G,  b***h you are sorry/An X-Box to Atari…” puts the Trill OG on top of his “game”.  Plus the “game” references reflects well with the Hip Hop head’s eardrum.

The Draped Up emcee recently interviewed with Billboard.com, describing the process when creating this comeback masterpiece:

It felt good. In the new state of making music and recording, “Gametime” was literally the first song I wrote. It’s actually like a year and a half old. I’ve been ready to get back in [music] for that long. I’m molding my craft again. Making songs for radio and clubs is one thing — we can phone that in — but I’m a lyricist. I’m expected to speak about the current state of affairs. So this is the lyrical part. We will be getting to the current state of affairs shortly.

Listen to the new track below courtesy of Bun B’s SoundCloud:


Source: SoundCloud and Billboard.com


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July 16th, 2017

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