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#FMTrends: The Carters OTR II Generates $250 Million

#FMTrends: The Carters OTR II Generates $250 Million

Jay-Z and Beyoncé Earn Major Loot on Tour

The couple got a quarter of a billion dollars in 4 months. 2 continents and 48 shows starting in London in the summer. Hov and Queen Bee dropped the Mom and Dad album of the year with The Carters. Watch that clean up The Grammys in 2019,or get snubbed by an inferior project. The tour brought in $253.5 million. 8 stops racked in over $10 million!  Atlanta received the highest revenue with a two nights inside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Anything Beyoncé does is Big Money

Mrs. Carter can really do anything. She started the surprise album that everyone copied. It only really works for her. Her concerts do well in the box office and via streaming.  Beyoncé affected two Coachella Music Festivals. She dropped out to one due to pregnancy and returned the following year. The amount of people trying to sell tickets were enormous. Queen Bee is only 37, which means more tours, more lifetime achievement awards and more records for her to break. In 20 years, her daughter might play her in a biopic that was break the box office.

The Carters Win Big and Move Silently

You never hear anything from their camp. No public spats or TMZ worthy news is ever reported on them. The most was the Solange fight with Jay-Z in the elevator. We got 3 great albums out of that. They rarely do press. When is the last time you seen a Beyoncé interview? Jay-Z doesn’t have social media. Imagine him with a Twitter? (@ItsyaboyyHov). With all this, the couple continues to win big and sellout stadium arenas. On The Run 3 will aim higher and try for $500 Million. If you gave them 8 months you can’t imagine how much they would generate.


Sources: Fader/Instagram/Twitter

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November 2nd, 2018

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